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Chiquitta Skeats

Sales Administrator

Chiquitta is a highly experienced professional in the real estate industry, with over 10 years of expertise in real estate operations. She is not only a seasoned professional but also an investor herself, giving her a unique perspective and understanding of the market.

Growing up in the Logan area, Chiquitta was surrounded by a family of real estate agents and property developers, which fostered her passion for the industry from an early age. Her deep-rooted knowledge and exposure to the field have honed her skills and made her well-versed in the intricacies of the real estate market.

What sets Chiquitta apart is her unwavering commitment to assisting her clients in achieving their portfolio growth objectives. She is dedicated to delivering tangible results that align with her clients' expectations. Understanding the importance of building and preserving wealth, Chiquitta approaches each client's interaction with meticulous attention to detail and a genuine desire to help them succeed.

With her excellent communication skills, Chiquitta effectively engages with her clients, ensuring their needs and goals are fully understood. She recognizes that providing exceptional service is paramount and goes above and beyond to exceed expectations in all aspects of the business. Chiquitta's passion and enthusiasm for property investment growth are evident in her interactions, and she takes pride in delivering the very best service to everyone she meets.

Chiquitta's track record, combined with her comprehensive understanding of the real estate market, positions her as a trusted advisor and partner to her clients. Whether they are first-time investors, seasoned investors, or developers, Chiquitta leverages her expertise to provide tailored solutions and guide her clients towards making informed decisions that yield long-term success.