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David Edgar

Sales & Marketing Executive

David spent nearly 20 years working in the business imaging industry with multi-national companies and the banking sector, helping them to advance into a new technology, advising them on imaging systems, their implementation with the objective of reducing cost whilst increasing efficiency, he made the decision to go back to his most favoured occupation: Property Real Estate

It’s fair to say, David loves dealing in the property market. There really is no other business like it.

Over the years, he have been heavily involved in the property market, from a personal, commercial and business perspective. He have owned investment properties, renovated property and built, all of which have provided him with extensive experience in the property market.

He also spent some time within the Red Cross. This again provided him with the satisfaction of helping people back into the workforce, a life experience that has enabled him to understand how we think and to take the time to empathise with people, from all walks of life whilst also, taking into account their objectives.

Whilst deciding to head back into real estate sales, his criteria was to locate an organisation that is secure and reliable with their staff and their development. He also wanted to work with an organisation that is ethical and had 5 star service guarantees.

Ray White has been part of your area and the surrounding suburbs for many years.

His role as your sales agent is to assist you in creating opportunities for yourself, guide you through the maze of buying and selling property, always helping you maximise your benefits and minimizing your costs. He also views helping you locate your new property,  as being just as important as helping you sell.

He has a beautiful daughter, he enjoy good food and the outdoors whenever the opportunity arises and he of course love spending time with my family while not working.

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