Mia Davis

Property Manager

Having worked in the building, landscaping and interior design industries for 22 years, dedicating the last 5 years to Property Management, I have developed a good working relationship with many Trade Suppliers whom I deal with on a daily basis.  They have assisted me in providing a premium service to my owners' and tenants' alike.  Without them, I could not fulfill the responsibilities of my work to a high standard. 

Interior design and styling is where my true passion lies, so I love an opportunity to help an owner improve their most valuable asset in a cost effecient manner, managing a project from concept to completion.

I appreciate every opportunity to improve my skills on a daily basis.  Every day presents a challenge to overcome, and I like to hold myself accountable for any oversights. I welcome valuable feedback to help me provide a superior service, and encourage my owners and tenants to openly communicate their expectations or gratitude for work so I can continually improve my skills.