Shayley Cherry

Executive Assistant to Zishaan Omar

Known for her enthusiasm, motivation and passion, Shayley Cherry has proven to be a fantastic addition to Zishaan’s team. She brings an air of professionalism and friendliness to all that she does, ensuring you will have an excellent experience in all of your dealings. Lacing her expert knowledge throughout all of her tailor-made marketing campaigns, Shayley knows how to portray your home in the best light possible - and how to attract the buyer you are looking for. She strives for perfection, and is tireless in her pursuit. Shayley has been living in the area for a number of years, and is willing to share her insight of the local community with you. She always keeps her finger on the pulse with current market trends, and ensures she has extensive knowledge of the happenings throughout the area. You’ll find that you feel supported throughout all of your property transactions with her excellent service skills - whether you are looking for the best possible result in selling your home, searching for your dream property, or simply wanting advice on the current market. These skills mean that Zishaan and Shayley work together as a fantastic team, who are known for breaking records and keeping clients happy. Be sure to call the team who deliver six-star service and achieve fantastic results today!